Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Souvenirs from Canada

Both this summer and the last one, my mom and brother went on a summer vacation in Canada.
I joined them only for a couple of days (work is calling..), but it was still fun.
Last summer we spent the weekend in Toronto and at the Niagara falls. The way there is a beauty itself, with the small boutique wineries and the picturesque town Niagara On The Lake which seems to be taken out of a fairy tale. This summer we spent our time only in Toronto area.
Mom and bro continued their journey to Montreal, and then to beautiful Victoria on the west coast.
So...of course, I couldn't help myself but creating some souvenirs from these vacations.
     Mom and big bro in Montreal (Botanical Garden)

All of us at the Niagara falls...

Butchart Gardens

Don't know where this was taken... :)

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